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Q: Can you upload files to our editors overseas? 

A: Yes, we can offer secure FTP solution, which is usually outlined by post-production.  Call us for details.

Q: Can we view video onset with ipads?
A: Yes if you advise prior to the day.
We have Qtake Stream with our HDx2 or HDx4 rig or
Teradek Serv Pro and Link which can work alongside Qtake or with any HD video signal, on or off camera. 


Q: Are our vans 4WD? 

A: Yes, we have 2 VW all wheel drive vans with offroad tyres. We prefer they do not go on the beach.

Q: Can we drop off or pick up after hours?

A: Usually we operate weekdays office hours but we can arrange things on weekends and returns to camera houses can be arranged.

Q: We are a charity job, short film or self funded project, can we get a discount?

A: Yes, we can help get you some great tools to suit your needs and budget.  Call us for details.

Q: Do you sell hard drives? 

A: Yes, and we do prefer 2-3 weekdays notice to order to your needs of the job. 

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