Sometimes it pays to own the technology.


DAVNZ are sales agents for a large product range designed to provide hardware technology solutions.

Our mains clients are production companies, rentals houses, camera technicians and end users.

We offer great prices and service as well as a New Zealand warranty, conditions apply as per each vendor.

We offer advise on sales as well as a Consultancy Service to Productions Companies regarding digital assets.

We come to your workplace and talk you thru what your are looking to improve regarding the purchase or rental of digital assets.

We use our vast experience and together we look at your onset monitoring solutions, wireless options, onset data backup, shared storage for any edit suites you may have and archival options.
Our aim is to use our knowledge base to help you invest wisely into technology.


Our range is vast and some prices are in USD so contact us for current NZD pricing. Check the products website for details and get in touch for a quote.

We offer products from,
Teradek, SmallHD, Paralinx, Wooden Camera, Boland, Konvision, Vaxis, Hollyland, Promise, Synology, APC, Qnap, Stardom, Cinegears, Convergent Design, ProK Solutions, Oscium, Innovativ, Lacie, Netstor, TV Logic, Seagate, Samsung and a few others.

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