SmallHD, Boland and Konvision are the main brands we sell.

SmallHD  are very popular monitors for onset use. Great day bright solutions in 5", 7", 13" and 17".

We have helped rental houses and a growing number of people with kits at great prices.
Konvision is a leading Chinese Broadcast monitor producer with a number of excellent monitors including high end P3 10-bit grading panels.
Boland is a US company that make a range of high quality and high bright monitors for steadicam, jib operators and post productions with colour accurate OLED and HDR 4K displays.
Portkeys  we have just added as they have a great 5" 2000 nit BM5 and a new full HD OLED EVF.
Convergent Design, creators of the Apollo and Odyssey 7Q+ HD, 4K single and multi camera recorders.

Below is a list of common monitors we sell to clients. We can get the entire range but these are just a few.
RRP in USD$ but do contact us for a better price with a New Zealand warranty. Conditions apply.

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