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DVANZ Vans get a upgrade retro look.

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Our two VW Vans have being given a fresh new retro look, in two tone red and white, and blue and white. These vans are 4WD as well with all wheel drive, raised suspension and new offroad tyres.

Our Red Van, is the ultimate Video Assist and DIT combo van, with Video Assist out of the van's back section, and the mid section set up as a DIT office with a Mac Pro and 17" Grading OLED monitor. It now has full black windscreen and side window covers and and rotating passenger seat so the cinematographer or director can join in and view the grading going on.

“Great vans, and well thought out in design.”

A step up from this is our late model Ford Transit Van with standing room and a long wheel base for room for a DIT and Data Person to work and space for DP and director to discuss rushes. This van has done runs on 8 long form shows over the past 3 years.

Our second VW is our Blue VW, which is all wheel drive and fitted with larger off road tyres and wheels. It has a cage behind the driver's seat and is set up as a combo van, or 100% data or 100% Video Assist for shows. It can also be used for short form projects with smaller camera teams as a camera van when the Data Person, is also the 2nd AC and video Assist. We can add either 12v powered data rig or fit a Mac Pro DIT machine between the two front seats to keep more space at the rear for camera and a few monitors for a run and gun shoot.

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